Next generation P2E strategy


HYPE Knights is a P2E game that must be used strategically while collecting and nurturing NFT heroes that are constantly in demand. And we have prepared a special plan to keep this going for the long term. You can recruit Heroes, Win the war, and get bigger Earning.

HYPE Knights is the beginning of HYPE metaverse. We are preparing to provide you with an excellent P2E experience by following the white paper and roadmap. Join our community on Discord And review the white paper to join our plans.

Attach Play To Earn Contents

HYPE Contents Platform has a reward system to connect various contents. With a new game system called Play To Earn, customers can enjoy the game and get HYPE Tokens as a reward. HYPE Knights was opened as the first Contents. Customers can enjoy the game and acquire HYPE and can obtain additional rewards by staking the acquired HYPE through the Defi Service. In addition, it was developed so that essential characters necessary for the game can be purchased through the HYPE NFT Market.

NFT Based Play-to-Earn Puzzle Fantasy Game

Through one-step UI, You can play easily. Need the fast reflexes and commands.


Easy, intuitive game-play

All you need is your fast decision. Consider which heroes will have an advantage in war.

Battles are automatic and are precisely simulated based on joined heroes composition and resource volume.



In-game assets, including in-game heroes are minted as tradable NFTs.

These NFTs can be purchased from other users through the marketplace or acquired through an initial public sale.


Play to Earn

As a reward for battle, “HYPE” currency tokens will be provided daily according to your contribution and performance.

You can use "HYPE" to level up your NFT heroes or realize Play-to-Earn returns through the coin exchange.


Manage bomber heroes, explore the world together, defeat monsters and bosses to free kingdoms under attack by monsters, and get tokens.

Simple Game U.I

300+ Heroes