Traditional DEX

No operational management
Have security issues
Use of cryptocurrency
Fee high
Transaction speed is slow
Low user-friendliness


No operational management
high security
KYC, AML applicable
Use of cryptocurrency
Fee low
Transaction speed is high
High user-friendliness

$ 15M

Deposit Value



HYPE DEX Service


Customer's transaction profit and safety as the best value

General exchanges are oriented toward customer service that meets the regulations of the exchange. Therefore, many customers have to learn new policies for each new exchange, and in order to trade, they have to overcome many hurdles to use it. HYPE DEX is a very simplified DEX service created based on customer experience. The general structure of DEX requires both the corresponding token and mainnet coin in the form of LP token for token transaction, but HYPE DEX can be operated with only the desired token in all transactions except for gas fee. On this stability basis, tokens to be used for transactions can be operated separately while using the staking service, and by doing so, higher profitability asset management is possible. In addition to convenient transactions, customers can get high rewards through additional services.


Staking Feature for Boosting Customer's Profitability

HYPE contains the concept of Mintable Token, which distributes tokens per transaction lock. Although common Mintable Tokens are related to Pool Rewards, they are very limited. In other words, the general Mintable token is not a concept to compensate for the pool reward gradually more, but rather the concept of paying the insufficient tokens for free. HYPE was created for the purpose of accelerating the payment of Pool Rewards with Minting Token. In other words, it is not an inevitable choice to simply match rewards, but it is characterized by being used as a tool to pay out rewards more structured and more quickly.


NFT Staking Service

Most staking services target virtual asset tokens. However, HYPE also provides staking services for NFT assets, a new asset service. The NFT asset service is calculated by calculating the reward for staking with the market transaction price and circulating royalties and final transaction amount. HYPE can distribute, stake and share revenue through offshore NFT markets linked to its own NFT markets. It is also a value competition system that can provide separate rewards by linking the special circumstances of NFT products (match results in the case of sports players).