A Diverse HYPE Ecosystem

HYPE DEX was developed to enhance the convenience of cryptocurrency trading for users around the world. Not only does it provide the basic functions of DEX, which was named SWAP, but it also aims to provide reliable services by strengthening security and safety. It was also developed to provide better user accessibility through improved UI/UX.

traditional DEX

No operational management
Have security issues
Use of cryptocurrency
FEe high
Transaction speed is slow
Low user-friendliness


No operational management
high security
KYC, AML applicable
Use of cryptocurrency
Fee low
Transaction speed is high
High user-friendliness

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Supreme NFT

HYPE NFT Marketplace is a proprietary NFT platform created under an exclusive agreement on global copyrights. Therefore, it has an exclusive effect on the product. And a more unique advantage is that staking products are sold as NFTs, and on the contrary, it is designed to make high profits by staking NFT products. Although this concept has been introduced in some NFT services, we can confidently say that HYPE is the one built with the most structurally fair design.


Configure and integrate your own NFT marketplace

HYPE's exclusive images and videos are provided through contracts with partners. We can help distribute exclusive works in the current market. However, we do not simply sell NFT products, but provide cross-service between NFT products and DEX products. In other words, you can receive protection services such as staking by linking NFT products with a separate rental service, and you can also sell DEX products as NFT products. Through these services, it has been built as a complex space where various financial products can be used, rather than a marketplace for simple purchases and sales.


Staking various NFTs

In the NFT market, platforms that provide staking services are slowly emerging. However, the staking service provided by HYPE NFT is not based on simple storage and interest. NFT is not just a digital asset, but a unit of blockchain connected with virtual assets. We are going to focus on this and construct NFT tokens (products) as virtual assets such as DEX services. The difference in this perspective is that unlike other services that receive simple fixed APY, the additional reward algorithm works on the social relations of the actual NFT product. For example, if a picture of a sports star is stored as NFT, an additional reward is provided when the sports star performs well. This makes NFT products a very valuable and fun game.


various reward systems

Rewards in the NFT market are determined by trades and royalties. And DEX service is determined by APY according to transaction profits such as deposits and withdrawals according to liquidity supply. So we have a very simple reward system. HYPE attempts a new dynamic reward system by mixing these simple market reward systems. Staking for NFT products stores value as DEX and maintains the default APY, but provides additional rewards as bonuses reflecting the social interest and value of NFT products. As a service with a concept different from simple rewards, it will provide customers with the fun of receiving rewards from various points as if they were playing a game.

Supreme NFT

News & Update




Established DEX Lab.

DEX Engine development started


Smart contract development and audit application

HYPE Web service open Hype is successfully listed on Coinbene Exchange for public trading



Business has been officially launched in January 2021 HYPE's Asia AMA for Asia KOL.

Uniswap listing is released (HYPE Listing & HYPE LP Pool ) "New DEX Service Launch of more swapping assets HYPE's first Reward boosting opened."


Started the first distribution service of Governance Token.

HYPE's second reward boosting open.


Supreme NFT exclusive contract Opened NFT Marketplace

Start of development of connection between NFT Token and DEX service



Opened Multi NFT-DEX Market place Mobile Application open

Start the Final Booster service


Contents NFT Market Open

Media NFT Metaverse Open



DEX 1.0 Exchange Open

DEX 1.0 Technical partnership with NASDAQ


DEX Mobile Service scheduled to open

DEX Wallet Service scheduled to open


HYPE DEX 2.0 scheduled to open

DEX 2.0 support for WEB 3.0



Evolution to Multi chain DEX

Scheduled to open a new dedicated wallet service

Team & Advisor

Hassan Ibrahim


In order to open DeFi financial services with the best marketability, various talents were recruited and the foundation of financial services for virtual assets was created. As a financial expert, I am developing my business through various connections across the UK, Dubai, and Asia. Our Supreme Finance service is a customer-oriented service that is easy and simple, but boasts the most efficient and high compensation service. In particular, collaboration in financial services with NFTs will be our most powerful weapon. We will do our best until it becomes a service that is continuously stabilized and represents a part of the market. Thank you all customers.

  • Supreme Finance CEO (2020~)
  • AVIVA Programme Manager
  • JH Fin Tech Consultants Ltd Director
  • CoinBene Europe COO

Jon Whitehead


  • Pedersen & Partners Manager
  • SES Managing Director
  • Robert Walters Country manager
  • Harvard Business school (Leading & Finance

Pham minh triet

ADVISOR (Vietnam)

  • Solcoms Vietnam CEO
  • Fe Credit - Unit Head Of Customer Service
  • True Money - Digital Marketing Manager

Phan thanh quyen

Legal advisor

  • Gold Law Company Managing Director
  • Attorney At Law
  • Ho Chi Minh University Of Law

Kevin McLaughlin

CCO (Contents / System Architecture)

Project Design, Architectural Professional with 23+ experience

  • Supreme Finance CCO
  • First Point Group Commercial Director
  • Atomic Idea Singapore CCO
  • Networkers International Head of Commercial
  • Spring Technology Senior customer manager

Srian Leanage


IT Solution expert & 20 years at IT Director

  • Supreme Finance CSO
  • CoinBene UK CSO
  • Golden Pacific Vietnam, CSO
  • HP Sales certified (Business License)
  • Eurolaser International Director

Anh Le

Asia Marketing Advisor

Bought her first Bitcoin since 2016, with knowledge gained from years living in UK , Anh has been actively involved in crypto space, organizing 11 events across Southeast Asia, covered the most number of mainstream PR & KOLs in Vietnam. Her mission is to bridge internationals with local communities.


Ismail Malik

Marketing Advisor

Experts who can provide leadership and strategic direction to support service-oriented and cost-effective activities related to sourcing, contracting, eMoney, tokenized credit services, and DeFi decentralized finance. He is designing a disruptive, decentralized approach to innovation for rapid growth, building connections with local players, enabling stronger, deeper distribution networks that enable fast tracking onboarding/user activation.


Yan jiang

Asia Marketing Chief

  • CoinSuper Director & Business Development
  • CoinTiger Marketing Director
  • Coinbene Global BD Director
  • BCEX BD Director
  • Xi’an International Studies University

Antoh Tony

Middle Asia Marketing

  • Founder of Angel Investing, Startup & Executive Advisory
  • Manager of Top Tier Impact
  • Labs Publicity Group. Technical reviews, Guerrilla marketing
  • University of Pennsylvania - The Wharton School

Matthew Morea

East USA Marketing

  • HYPE Marketting, New York, United States
  • Carmaven CEO
  • Senier Sales Rep. Central Ave Chrysler

Anastasia Lachmann

West USA Marketing

  • Real Estate Investor and Entrepreneur/Crypto Enthusiast 2018-Current
  • Manager of Administrative Office/ Private Insurance Representative/ Company Trainer, HDI Insurance Karlsruhe. 2012- Current
  • Humanitarian Global Volunteer for ADRA 2011-2012
  • Educational Department Assistant/ Elementary Sector Selbach, Gaggenau

Ito Showichi

Local Advisor(Japan)

  • Global tour in Japan
  • MASATO Corporation
  • NIHOGN University Law Course


Local Advisor(Japan)

  • GOYO Corporation
  • CHIBA University Business Administration